A formidable source of knowledge, experience and expertise

Nova Private Client combines a group of senior solicitors, whose individual and collective skills present a formidable source of experience and expertise.

Our total knowledge covers a wide range of matters essential to those of high net worth who wish to conserve, consolidate and increase their wealth.
Working throughout the UK and beyond, our expert advisors will be happy to meet you at a time and place of your choosing, at home or abroad. In our initial meeting, we will explore and define your immediate aims and long-term goals; thereafter, we will draw up a tailor-made strategy in accordance with your individual needs, and then present it for further discussion and final approval.
Once your bespoke strategy is agreed, we will apply it in practice and provide you with on-going feedback covering all aspects of its operation. Our aim is to create a long-term relationship with you, based on mutual understanding, trust and shared goals; furthermore, we aspire to be your advisors, counsellors and providers of sound, successful guidance for many years to come.

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